Packing for A weekend Away

Why is packing for just a weekend more difficult for me than packing for a full weeks holiday?! I think it may be that I know I have plenty of space in the mini case for two nights so there’s plenty of just in case items going in! drinks?! maybe who knows…..let’s just throw in three choices outfits “just in case!” Any one out there like me? I’ve ended up with an overflowing case of course so will have to revisit my thought process while packing!

Fashion Abroad

I recently mentioned here that I was going on a winter sun holiday. The sun didn’t shine all that much but I’d a great week all the same. One thing that I was busy observing was the fashion of course. Being winter in Lanzarote there was a lot of black to be seen but I was pleased to note that the patterns were out in force abroad also. I discovered a gem of a shop in the shopping centre in Playa Honda and I was in my element. Lefties as it was called was like a version of Penneys that we don’t have here in Ireland so as you can imagine I got a lot of bang for my buck. I purchased a skirt, two shirts, a jumper, two tops and a long shirt for leggings wear. I was thrilled! Cannot wait to wear some of my purchases; starting with at work tomorrow.

Winter Sun!

So I’ll be getting some winter sun this year and while I’m super excited I’m a bit apprehensive about my swimwear. Having gone from a size 8 to a size 12 in two years I’m no longer happy to don the bikini. So swimsuit it is then, I suppose as long as they’re flattering. I was delighted to see that Penneys have brought in some swimsuits but obviously the range isn’t as comprehensive as their summer collection. Therefore I will be trawling the high street to get my winter sun look in check! How do you do beach style!?…all comments welcome!

A day in the life of…….

okay so what do you wear to work?! Are you in the office where you wear the standard black suit pants, dressy shirt, blazer or is it a case of nah I just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing I saw?! I have to think very carefully about what I wear. I work with children and I don’t want those sticky hands ruining my new POCOS! so smart/casual it is for the most part! insert black jeans dressy top here! A day in the life of……..